Teste Cancer Melanoma 16 pe Sobolani cu Nanoxyn Alpha


  1. brain

  2. cecum

  3. duodenum

  4. heart/lungs

  5. kidney

  6. liver

  7. lymph node

  8. salivary gland

  9. spleen+ear

  10. tumour

Mouse 4 lung 400x showing perivascular mixed inflammatory cell infiltrate

Mouse 8 liver 400x showing typical micrometastasis (exact centre of picture)

Mouse 8 lung 400x showing typical micrometastasis

Mouse 9 lymph node 400x demonstrating the unusual cells apparently attached to the vascular endothelium

Mouse 9 spleen 100x showing amorphous acidophilic proteinaceous material (amyloid?) in the mantle cell zones.