The super-antioxidant that increases your IMMUNITY

The immune system is responsible for protecting against infection with pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and protozoan parasites.

While our bodies are constantly exposed to pathogens that can transmit infectious diseases, this natural protective shield must be strengthened through a daily diet that includes micronutrients essential to the functioning of the immune system.

How do you strengthen your IMMUNITY?

Because coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected communities around the world, many people have wondered what steps they can take to stay healthy.

In the context of discussions on the crisis caused by the COVID -19 virus, a recent article published on the blog and entitled “Foods to stimulate the immune system” shows that during this period a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants would be the essential factor (along with preventive measures and hygiene) in the fight against this enemy.

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to consume foods rich in nutrients so necessary to support the immune system, but we have
antioxidant food supplements at hand.

Recent clinical studies have found that antioxidant supplementation can significantly improve our body’s immune responses.

But what are the most effective antioxidant supplements?

Both in the case of foods rich in antioxidants and in the case of antioxidant supplements, the efficiency is given by the ANTIOXIDANT POWER.

The ORAC scale indicates antioxidant power or capacity.

According to radical oxygen absorption capacity (ORAC) is a laboratory analysis that provides an overall measure of the antioxidant activity of a food. The test works by challenging a food product with an oxidizing agent and then measuring the total ability of that food to resist oxidation. The higher the ORAC score, the higher the antioxidant capacity of the food.

ORAC tests are often used to compare the antioxidant activities of different foods (fruits, vegetables, juices, wines, etc.).

Various foods have been tested using this method, with certain spices, berries and legumes, widely evaluated in extensive tables, once published by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Why is Nanoxyn Alpha™ a super-antioxidant?

First of all due to its high antioxidant capacity. The advanced formula Nanoxyn Alpha™ has a score of 6000 units ORAC / pill, the optimal daily amount of antioxidants, which differentiates it from other dietary supplements on the market.


  • Natural antioxidant components called phenols that include: resveratrol, phenolic acids, anthocyanins and flavonoids


  • Bioactive component of olive leaves, oleuropein, antibacterial and with an immunomodulatory activity

gives this antioxidant supplement the exceptional power to fight free radicals that attack our body every second. In the case of viruses or viral diseases, each step may include free radical bombardment at the cellular level.

The patented nanoSOF om nanomaterial contains 83.88% Oxygen, so Nanoxyn Alpha ™ can support the integrity of the cell through the maximum supply of Oxygen at the cellular level.

The ingredients of this revolutionary antioxidant armor are 100% natural and its structure is 100% nanotechnology.

Patented and awarded at the 2010 Salon of Medicine, Nanoxyn Alpha 6000 ORAC Advanced Formula is now your reliable ally in the fight against pathogens that can invade your body.

You need a stronger body!

Advanced Formula Nanoxyn Alpha™ 6000 ORAC:

Good health,