Improve your health with Nanoxyn Alpha ™, the 100% Romanian antioxidant invention

1000 times more powerful than vitamin C, Nanoxyn Alpha ™ is a revolutionary formula of antioxidant supplements with the power to help with age-related health problems and increase life expectancy.

Designed to improve our lives, Nanoxyn Alpha ™ is the Romanian antioxidant miracle created by several people with excellence in research.

Neither the American researchers, nor the English ones, but the Romanian scientists amaze us this time with an invention that can improve our health and can prolong our life for many years.

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Prof. Ioan Stamatin

and Romanian research

The research belongs to a team of Romanian scientists led by Professor Ioan Stamatin from the Faculty of Physics in Bucharest.

Nanoxyn Alpha ™ is the result of  numerous scientific researches.  

Even before 2010, Professor Ioan Stamatin from the University of Bucharest begins the study of nanomaterials. “Elements of nanotechnology”, published in 2008, is the work of the illustrious professor in which the fields of applicability of nanotechnology are presented:

biosensors, energy sources, medicine and biology. 

Nanotechnology, the “manufacturing technology of the 21st century”, includes high-precision engineering, the main direction in biomedical applications in areas such as gene therapy, drug-led transportation, new types of drugs, nanoscale synthesis techniques or more concisely the art of manipulating individual atoms. of molecules to build structures with directed properties. Ioan Stamatin

Together with a team of specialists in 

chemical engineering, biophysics, biology and molecular biochemistry, research on the applicability of nanomaterials in medicine continues and result in the discovery of a revolutionary ingredient: NanoSOF powder,  a nanometer charcoal extracted from dried olive seeds. 

With the support of Prof. Stamatin, the first investigations are carried out on the ability to capture free radicals (ORAC test), finding clearly superior properties of NanoSOF ocar biocarbon compared to other antioxidants.

NanoSOF powder ™ is captured by cells and carried in the body, neutralizing free radicals ……” Dr. Eng. In Chemical Engineering Teodorescu Daniela

Find out everything these Romanian researchers have to say about Nanoxyn Alpha ™ by clicking here.

We learn more about the pill that could add years of health to our lives, even from the university professor Ioan Stamatin, invited in a TVR show in which he makes us revelations related to its innovation activity.

Do you want to live longer and better in a healthy, strong, vigorous body with your loved ones? Choose an antioxidant 1000 times more powerful than Vitamin C: Nanoxyn Alpha ™. Benefits:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves skin tone
  • Regenerates the body

Test a 100% Romanian product!

Take your daily dose of health! It costs you only 3,75 lei/day if you choose the package of 4 boxes.

450 Lei – Customers' favorite

Enjoy new, healthier cells with more Oxygen from Nanoxyn Alpha ™

The innovative ingredient NanoSOF ™, provides a huge amount of Oxygen (83.88%) at the cellular level for a better functioning of the brain, heart, liver, lungs and skin.

Millions of people suffer from chronic fatigue…

Millions of people suffer from cardiovascular disease, endocrine diseases, nutrition and metabolism, respiratory diseases and the list goes on.

The numbers are really worrying: 2.6 million people lose their lives every year due to diseases caused by high cholesterol…

The modern man, always busy, stressed or exhausted, gets sick and grows old too early.

Pollution, stress, refined and processed food, dyes, additives, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and other unhealthy habits! They kill us slowly, slowly…

The problem? Modern life means more and more free radicals attacking our cells, tissues and vital functions of the body.

Oxygen is the great secret to health and anti-aging because cells that are better oxygenated can regenerate more easily.

Our health is related to the health of our cells.

Nanoxyn Alpha™ is a superior and advanced antioxidant formula that supports cell regeneration.

It is the only dietary supplement that contains and releases oxygen at the cellular level.

Its ability to reduce oxidative stress on cells and, at the same time, to help supply and supplement the amount of oxygen needed by each cell distinguishes it as an exceptional antioxidant supplement.

How does Nanoxyn Alpha ™ work at the cellular level?

  • Eliminates diseased or damaged cells and stops them from multiplying
  • It repairs cells faster and keeps them stronger
  • It promotes young and healthy cells in every organ in your body

Is this possible? Yes, because Nanoxyn Alpha™ means more Oxygen that every cell needs.

The nanoSOF powder s the revolutionary component of this unique antioxidant and contains 83,88% Oxigen!

This means a very high power of oxygenation and recovery of the cells attacked daily by thousands of free radicals.

What does this mean for your body? More energy! Your energy comes down to the energy of your cells.

The food of the cells is Oxygen, their well-being depends on their health and vitality.

Do you feel more and more powerless, lethargic, demotivated? Wake up tired and don’t know why?

Oxygenating your body with Nanoxyn Alpha™ leads to a better physical and psychological state, gives you more energy, vitality and power of concentration, consequently, increased performance.

The actor Florin Zamfirescu was also convinced of the effectiveness of this unique antioxidant.

Convince yourself!

NanoSOF… Nanoxyn… Nanotechnology…

How many of us have heard of NANOTECHNOLOGY and its innovative applications in health and nutrition?

Nanotechnology is not Science-Fiction, it has been in our lives for several years and we are enjoying its benefits.

It represents a new stage, it has a bright future, and scientists are constantly making progress.

Nanoxyn Alpha ™ is a nanotechnology application that can improve your life

Do you have high cholesterol and are looking for a natural and side effect-free remedy? Nanoxyn Alpha ™ helps maintain optimal level of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Are you in danger of getting heart disease? It cleanses your body, dissolves fat deposits in the arteries and fights against cardiovascular disease.

Clogged fat arteries mean circulation problems. It helps you maintain a healthy circulatory system îbased on better blood circulation.

Atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attack are some of the complications that lead to LDL (bad) cholesterol if left untreated. Nanoxyn Alpha helps you prevent them.

Nanoxyn Alpha™ also acts as an adjunct in the following conditions: Liver disease and hepatitis: helps liver cells to regenerate quicklyColitis and stomach upset: helps to restore the intestinal floraParesis and semiparesis: restores affected organs in 7-8 weeksAsthma: reduces inflammation

You may have a different health problem than the ones listed above. Nanoxyn Alpha has long-term benefits for other conditions listed here.

As it neutralizes the side effects and free radicals generated in the body after irradiation, it is recommended as an adjunct in: chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments for cancer

The body cannot keep up with antioxidant production.

In order to stay healthy and immune to disease, we need to increase our intake of antioxidants.

Do you feel that you get sick more often than usual? As we age, our immune function weakens, making us vulnerable to disease.

The human cell receives about 10000free radical attaks a day. Strengthen your immunity with Nanoxyn Alpha™!

According to the doctors’ advice, take the necessary daily dose of antioxidants for a mature person, so that your body can regenerate and fight diseases.

Choose a state-of-the-art antioxidant: Nanoxyn Alpha ™. The first results can be seen in a few days, but we recommend a cure of 3-4 months / year.

390 Lei – Pack of 3 boxes

Youth without old age, health and beauty are the perpetual preoccupations of man.

If we let it work for us, Nanoxyn Alpha ™ keeps us young, healthy and… beautiful.

This means younger, beautiful skin without wrinkles and blemishes, healthy hair and nails.

Many cosmetic treatments and skin lightening products distort the skin, promote infections and prevent scarring.

Choose a natural remedy that revitalizes your skin and gives you a healthy and radiant complexion.

A healthy mind will thrive in a healthy body.

Studies show that there is a link between free radicals and mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression.Antioxidant deficiency can cause or promote the development of complex neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Nanoxyn Alpha ™ is also indicated as an adjunct for neurosis and stress.

Nanoxyn Alpha ™, considered the most powerful antioxidant?

Absolutely the most powerful antioxidant! Argued!

How many antioxidant supplements have the ORAC test you know?

Did you know that only ORAC tests certify the antioxidant potential of the supplements you buy?

A single 430 mg tablet of Nanoxyn Alpha ™ has a  level of 6000 of the ORAC indicator (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which covers the need for an antioxidant supplement for a whole day of a person .

This score differentiates Nanoxyn Alpha ™ from other antioxidants on the market and is therefore considered the most powerful antioxidant.

Clinical trials and tests

Official analyzes and documents

Choose a product that scores well above the ORAC test for the most powerful antioxidants.

The package of two boxes provides you with the necessary for 60 days and you now have a better price.

280 Lei – Pack of 2 boxes

Nanoxyn Alpha ™, the revolutionary formula that uses the benefits of nanotechnology for its ultimate antioxidant effect

“My body does not assimilate vitamins – I take them in vain!” You’ve probably heard people say that too. It’s a real problem, really.

Fortunately, Nanoxyn Alpha ™ is the innovation in nanotechnology that solves another problem in the supplements on the market: it increases the absorption of nutrients for all your supplements and vitamins.

Here are the SUPERIOR PROPERTIES that differentiate it from other antioxidants on the market:

  • NANOCARBON structure contains a huge amount of Oxygen (83.88%), which is delivered directly into your bloodstream, transporting nutrients directly to the cell
  • NANOTECHNOLOGY-based absorption system facilitates the transport of essential ingredients to the cellular level, which greatly enhances the absorption of nutrients and antioxidants

The story of your life-changing pill could go on and on.

But I’m in a hurry to convince you of its effectiveness. That’s why I have to tell you that it is a NATURAL product, which has the following ingredients:

  • red wine extract and grape seeds
  • olive leaf extract
  • and the innovative ingredient nanoSOF ™, a nanometric vegetable BIO-charcoal made entirely from dried olive seeds based on a patented technology


GREEN, the method does not involve the use of chemical solvents and can be easily applied in large scale production.

INNOVATIVE, NATURAL, GREEN and without side effects. Convince yourself.

179 Lei – 1 box Package

Designed and created to improve our lives. That’s why people love Nanoxyn Alpha ™.

Anisoara Dobre 

“I am just happy to be able to find it and to have the courage to order it. My condition is completely different… I feel like I have energy, I have resumed my activity and… with small steps… I have started to run even, again… .in short distances (3-4 km)… ”

Shiller Istvan

“Nanoxyn Alpha ™ has improved my results on medical tests (cholesterol, blood sugar, urea, creatinine) I think it has a big effect on the immune system…”

Did you buy but have a reason to return the package? You can do it within 15 days, according to the return policy. You have a 100% money back guarantee.

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P.S. Find out before you throw away the money on supplements that promise everything, but which in the end prove to be ineffective. Wanting to provide as many benefits as possible to their users, many of the supplements on the market sometimes combine even 20 natural ingredients. Their effect, however, is almost nil. Science has brought us new dietary supplements based on nanometric charcoal. That’s why Nanoxyn Alpha ™ comes with many advantages. That’s why you have to test it too!

Good health,

* Nanoxyn Alpha ™ is a dietary supplement and is not intended to cure diseases or replace a balanced diet. People with chronic illnesses should consult a doctor before consuming any dietary supplement. Nanoxyn Alpha ™ is not recommended for people under 18 years of age or pregnant women. Also, the effects may differ from person to person, we cannot guarantee the same results.