Superior Properties of Nanosof™

What is Nanosof?

Nanosof™ is a nanometric Bio-coal with high oxygen content and high free radical scavenging capacity as well as native oxygen supplying power.
The first studies and investigations into the properties of these nanomaterials started before 2010. With the support of Dr. Ioan Stamatin, from the University of Bucharest, the first investigations on the free radical scavenging capacity (ORAC test) were carried out, showing clearly superior properties of nanoSOF™ biochar compared to other antioxidants.

Maintaining youthfulness at any age

Multiple analyses and experimental observations have led to the development of combinations of natural extracts and NanoSOF™ that work synergistically, consequently leading to an increase in the ability to reduce free radicals, oxidative stress or basic elements in maintaining a state of health such as performance, reducing fatigue.


Huge amount of oxygen

NanoSOF™ has antioxidant properties when dispersed in water or in a mixture of natural antioxidant supplements. In fact, its main property is to act as a very powerful catalyst, having multiplying and potentiating effects on the action of natural antioxidants coming from fruits, vegetables, vitamins and natural antioxidant supplements. Moreover, its NANOCARBON structure contains a huge amount of Oxygen (83.88%), which is delivered directly into your bloodstream, transporting nutrients directly to the cellular level.


Enhanced performance with NanoSOF™

Optimal oxygenation of your body leads to a better physical and psychological state, gives you more energy and, consequently, increased performance.

Oxygen is the great anti-aging secret because cells that are better oxygenated can regenerate better


Nanoxyn Alpha™ helps you put an end to the signs and symptoms of ageing while contributing to a healthier body with revitalised skin and texture

Its ability to reduce oxidative stress on cells and, at the same time, help supply and supplement the amounts of Oxygen needed by each cell distinguishes it as an exceptional dietary supplement.

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