Improve your health with Nanoxyn Alpha™, the 100% Romanian antioxidant invention

sanatatea cu nanoxyn

1000 times more powerful than vitamin C, Nanoxyn Alpha™ is a revolutionary antioxidant supplement formula with the power to help age-related health problems and increase lifespan.


Designed to improve our lives, Nanoxyn Alpha™ is the Romanian antioxidant miracle created by a few people with research excellence.



Prof. Ioan Stamatin

and Romanian research

The research belongs to a team of Romanian scientists led by Professor Ioan Stamatin from the Faculty of Physics in Bucharest.


Nanoxyn Alpha™ is the result of extensive scientific research.

Even before 2010, Professor Ioan Stamatin from the University of Bucharest started studying nanomaterials.

"Elements of Nanotechnology", published in 2008, is the work of the illustrious professor in which the fields of application of nanotechnology are presented:

  • biosensors
  • energy sources
  • medicine and biology.

Nanotechnology, the "manufacturing technology of the 21st century", encompasses high-precision engineering, the main direction in biomedical applications in areas such as gene therapy, directed drug delivery, new types of drugs, nanoscale synthesis techniques or more concisely the art of manipulating individual atoms and molecules to build structures with directed properties. Ioan Stamatin

Along with a team of specialists in

  • chemical engineering, biophysics, biology and molecular biochemistry

Research into the applicability of nanomaterials in medicine continues and has resulted in the discovery of a revolutionary ingredient: NanoSOF™ powder, a nanometric vegetable carbon extracted from dried olive stones.

With the support of Prof. Stamatin, the first investigations on free radical scavenging capacity (ORAC assay) are carried out, showing clearly superior properties of NanoSOF™ biochar compared to other antioxidants.

"NanoSOF™ powder is captured by cells and carried into the body, neutralizing free radicals..." Dr. Ing. in Inginerie Chimica Teodorescu Daniela


We find out more about the pill that could add years of health to our lives from university professor Ioan Stamatin, who was invited on a TVR show to reveal his innovation work.

Do you want to live longer and better in a healthy, strong and vigorous body with your loved ones?

Choose an antioxidant 1000 times more powerful than Vitamin C: Nanoxyn Alpha™.


Get your daily dose of health! It only costs you 3.75 lei/day if you choose the 4-pack.

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