Discover the Romanian antioxidant invention against free radicals in your life

Author: Inay Cilian

Do you feel more and more powerless? Drowsy? Apathetic? Depressed? Can’t focus on the office anymore? Do you wake up tired and wonder why? Free radicals are the cause of your health and your lifestyle influences their production.

Yes, unfortunately, modern life means the daily war with more and more free radicalsYou know that we are more exposed than ever to many sources of pollution. The accelerated industrialization of the last decades has disrupted the natural balance of the Earth and the toxic substances in the air, water and soil are a daily threat to our health.

Modern man feels threatened by the negative effects of his own creation. The latest study by the European Heart Journal shows that air pollution shortens the average life expectancy of Europeans by two years.Stress is considered the disease of modern society. Everyone talks about stress, everyone complains about stress. Stress has always existed, but modern man has many more reasons for stress. Professional life is the main external factor that causes daily stress.

Forbes reports that a report by the American Institute of Stress found that about 80% of workers feel stress at work, with 40% of them feeling very stressful at work. Stress has various forms, and stress in life leads to stress in private life and later to illness. We are always in a hurry, agitated and worried to solve problems in time. The stress of solving problems robs us of our little joys and does not allow us to eat quietly at the table, we fall asleep with them in mind and we wake up with them. This war with problems and time costs us dearly. The impact on our health is real and visible.

Stress causes a biological response in the body, which is associated with headaches, depression and other diseases. Remember that the effect of stress on your immune system is devastating, affecting you not only mentally but also physically.

Modern life also means comfort, inactivity, that is, sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle, the consequence of modern technology, could even be considered a disease… generating many other diseases.

The body is built for movement, without physical activity, our metabolism decreases. Unfortunately, we are giving less and less time for exercise, relaxation and outdoor activities. Surely you have unhealthy habits that keep you idle. Always keep an eye on your phone, tablet, or spend too much time in front of your laptop or TV.

Jobs that keep us sitting for hours in a chair in an office, spending too much time in the car waiting for hours in traffic, the preference to enjoy too much in front of screens, and other habits that exclude physical activity are the causes that lead to time various chronic diseases. At work we run fast food from the corner store. We don’t even have time for healthy choices at home. The food of modern man, always in a hurry, is super-processed, low in nutrients but rich in empty calories.

Did you know that micronutrient deficiency has become the disease of the 21st century? Foods prepared at inadequate temperatures, super processed, refined, end up having no nutritional value. You ate but did not eat, on the contrary, you provided the body with free radicals. And the weekend means for more and more of us parties in crowded places, with cigarette smoke, excess alcohol and sleepless nights. Look forward to the end of the week to have a “cool” party, just like your friends, in the deafening noise of parties drowned in cigarette smoke and alcohol. But don’t forget that smoking, excessive alcohol, fatigue and lack of sleep are harmful to your physical and mental health.. These unhealthy habits will silently leave their mark on your body, both inside and out. Also, the modern lifestyle means more and more exposure to chemicals, detergents, E-s, additives and preservatives, pesticides, irradiated foods, medicines, medical exposure from medical and dental X-rays, cobalt irradiation treatments or radioactive iodine injections, etc. In conclusion, modern life means more and more sources of free radicals, and modern man is their target and victim. Unhealthy lifestyle has negative consequences for health. Cell damage, aging, and disease are linked to this fight in your body every day between radicals and antioxidants. It is worrying to tell you that the latest studies show thatFree radicals are triggers in over 200 diseases. That is why maintaining your youth and your inner health should become a constant concern in the fight against more and more devastating diseases.

Antioxidants are the antidote to all the harm that gets into your body: toxins in the air, water and soil, food poisons, chemicals in smelly detergents, etc.

In another article I told you what antioxidants are, a class of chemicals that fight for your health and youth. These substances strengthen your immune system weakened by stress, fatigue and unhealthy habits, restore balance in the body and protect you against chronic diseases. “With antioxidants, we have more control over our health and our destiny ,” said Dr. Lester Packer in his first book, The Antioxidant Miracle. We must rejoice in this scientific news!

In his article, the doctor conveys the idea that: “We now have the power to prevent and perhaps even eliminate many of the degenerative diseases that were once considered an inevitable part of the aging process. This is a miracle. ” Indeed, the role of antioxidants in our body is miraculous. Antioxidants determine how fast we age and how we age.The more we become aware of the dangers of free radicals and understand how antioxidants work and their beneficial role, the more we will take care of our bodies to stay healthy and happy. Prestigious institutes in the United States, England, Finland, Japan and China have concluded that those who introduce antioxidants into their daily menu get rid of the impact of free radicals on the body by 75%.

It’s time to dump her and move on! Give up certain daily habits and make healthy choices: identify the causes of your stress so that you can reduce it, give yourself more time to relax and exercise outdoors, eat healthier. In today’s polluted world, in order to have optimal health, it is essential to increase the intake of antioxidants.

They are considered the elixir of life, the biochemical soldiers in the cellular and molecular warfare in your body. The body can not keep up with antioxidant production, so a good amount of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and enzymes must come from the daily diet. If you don’t replenish your lost antioxidants with healthy foods and supplements, you will become vulnerable to disease.

“Can you get enough antioxidant protection from food alone?” is one of Dr. Parker’s questions in his book, The Antioxidant Miracle. He believes that it is impossible to get an optimal amount of antioxidants just from food, so he recommends that we take supplements. Nanoxyn Alpha is the Romanian antioxidant miracle created by several people with excellence in research. This unique product is a revolution in cellular oxygenation due to its exceptional antioxidant capacity.

Scientific research has shown that several combined antioxidants create an irresistible destructive force against the deadly forces of oxidation.

 Nanoxyn Alpha, cconsidered the most powerful antioxidant in the world, 1000 times more powerful than vitamin C, is a powerful combination of natural antioxidant supplements. These antioxidant supplements are used in combination with nanoSOF, as a catalyst and neutralizer of free radicals in the body.

NanoSOF powder is captured by cells and carried in the body, neutralizes free radicals on contact with them, and blocks the chaining of new free radicals. This blocks the energy deficit in the cells. By blocking the development of the energy deficit at the cellular level, it disadvantages and thus prevents the appearance of the incipient signs of the disease, and the cells return to their normal state of functioning. Do you feel that you are not as alert as you used to be? Would you like to continue working in the garden, but do you feel various pains that tell you that old age is showing signs too early? Are you suffering from cholesterol and are you looking for something that could help you? Would you like to age without too many blemishes on your hands and diseases? Or maybe you just want more beautiful skin and a healthier heart? 🙂 The answer is Nanoxyn Alpha! Let this antioxidant miracle work for you! Try it yourself and tell me how it helped you.
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