Customer opinions

“Nanoxyn Alpha has improved my results on medical tests (cholesterol, blood sugar, urea, creatinine) i think it has a big effect on the immune system because since I’ve been using this product for about a year now I haven’t had any problems with colds or other health problems. (headache, digestive or other problems)

I will continue to use it. Thank you!

I confidently recommend it to all age groups!” Shiller Istvan

Shiller Istvan

The doctor did not increase my dose of medication, on the contrary, I reduced it from 3 times / day to 2 times / day.

At the last check-up at the diabetes office, there was no deterioration in his health.”

Eugen Oprisan – engineer

I have been taking Nanoxyn for about two years, I wanted to convince myself of what was said, which seemed to be a revolution in cellular oxygenation through nanoparticles.
I am convinced that it is so. From the next day I felt a recovery in the whole body, as if all the functions of the body were more easily manifested, a state of general relaxation.

Over time, this condition became normal, of course. Last winter (during the whole cold season) I didn’t have any viruses. (in winter I always did 2-3 viruses)

This winter I had a “short” virus and it was much milder than before, when it lasted 3 weeks. I must say that I have not been vaccinated against the flu since I was 70 years old.

I recommend the administration of Nanoxyn Alfa to all people over 40-50 years old, a product that leads (in my opinion) to a better oxygenation of the cells, which automatically leads to the improvement of the whole procession of basic functions of the body.

You have my consent to make my opinion public, I assume what I have stated.”

Radu Nestor

Multiple analyzes and experimental observations have led to the development of combinations with natural extracts and NanoSOF ™ which work together synergistically, leading, in turn, to an increase in the ability to reduce free radicals, oxidative stress or the basics in maintaining a state of optimal health and fatigue reduction.

NanoSOF ™ has antioxidant properties when dispersed in water or in a mixture of natural antioxidant supplements. In fact, its main property is to act as a very powerful catalyst, having effects of multiplying and potentiating the action of natural antioxidants that come from fruits, vegetables, vitamins and natural antioxidant supplements. 

Optimal oxygenation of your body leads to a better physical and psychological state, gives you more energy and, consequently, increased performance.

Oxygen is the big secret of anti-aging because cells that are better oxygenated can regenerate better.

Nanoxyn Alpha ™ helps you stop the signs and symptoms of aging and at the same time contributes to a healthier body with a revitalized skin and texture.

Anișoara Dobre

“After two months of intensive treatment for Wilson’s disease (which also caused severe liver cirrhosis)… tests and” n “investigations, my body was very weak.

I had tried other nutritional supplements, natural juices… etc.  I still felt weak (dizziness, trembling, no appetite, not to mention the tone).

So when I heard about Nanoxyn Alpha, I thought, “Why not?” I’m glad I had the good fortune to discover it and the courage to order it. My condition is completely different…I feel like I have energy, I restarted the activity and… with small steps… I started running even, again… .in short distances (3-4 km).

Thank you and I recommend to those who want to try… they will only have to win. By the way… even the skin has regained its elasticity, unexpectedly for my 47 years. ”

Grosu Liviu

Nanoxyn is our family’s favorite immunostimulatory product. All members of the family, aged between 40 and 94 years, consume this antioxidant diet, with triple action, based on Nanoxyn. We started consuming it to help and strengthen our body and prepare our immune system with this innovative formula with a high oxygen content, “enriched with sunlight” for the season “poor in sunlight”. It has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular disease and blood pressure regulation.
Nanoxyn has significantly improved my health by activating my metabolism and regulating my cholesterol. The food is digested more easily and much better than before. My immunity is excellent, so we are protected against viruses, colds and infections. I sleep better, I don’t have joint pain anymore, and my mental state is much better.
I do my homework and tasks with the energy I had when I was 25 years old.
Many thanks to the Nanoxyn team, because thanks to you, we can easily cope with stress and enjoy life again!

Călinescu Ioana

My name is Călinescu Ioana, I am 74 years old and I woke up, at one point, that my blood pressure and pulse increased. I usually had a blood pressure of 95/60 mm Hg and I had 140/100 mm Hg. My heart rate was 114 beats per minute.
I was very scared, especially since I was retired and had no stress.
Fortunately, I talked to the doctor and she told me not to get impatient and to take the Nanoxyn product for 3 months, one tablet a day with a glass of water. After only a few days of following Nanoxyn, my blood pressure dropped to 120/80 mm Hg and my heart rate dropped to 88 beats per minute.
I calmed down and continued with Nanoxyn, and my blood pressure reached 110/75 mm Hg and my heart rate was 72 beats per minute.
In the meantime, I discovered that my headaches had also disappeared, making me more energetic and in a good mood, thanks to the high oxygen content.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the doctor, for the advice she gave me and to Nanoxyn, for the very good products she produces.

Stamatin Daniela

My name is Stamatin Daniela, I am 62 years old and I first “met” Nanoxyn in 2014. I had no health problems, I only took it for maintenance then. Many co-workers have asked me what I look like and I have so much energy. I told them about Nanoxyn and some of them bought for a month or two. I continued to take for my father who had health problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Over time, after repeated treatments, he managed to keep his blood pressure and cholesterol under control and reached the age of 89, without serious health problems, with a special energy and vitality (he rode a bicycle, worked in the garden).
At one point I started to have problems with my blood pressure and cholesterol and with the help of Nanoxyn I managed to adjust my values ​​within normal limits. Due to the high oxygen content, the skin texture has improved and the signs of age have faded. Also, the hair that was affected by the successive dyeing improved its appearance and began to regenerate. Nanoxyn belts also had an effect on the immune system. Recently my brother who had back pain started a cure and is feeling better.
I consider that the “meeting” with Nanoxyn was beneficial for my family. Thanks to the Nanoxyn team and I recommend to those who want to try.

Livia Iamandi

I am very happy with nanoxyn alpha for many ailments:
Cholesterol, liver, cleansing blood vessels, memory, sight, heart, blood pressure drops quickly, digestive system.
I recommend this product for multiple improvements of a body with many health problems.

Dana Grad

I highly recommend nanoxyn. Three members of our family consume this supplement, and the results are remarkable: cardiological, hepatic and increased daily energy. Thank you.