Benefits and Ingredients Nanoxyn Alpha ™

The first applications that were investigated regarding this product were made for medical purposes, as amazing results appeared from the first tests performed. There is also ongoing research into the treatment of herpes and other skin conditions, and the results are particularly promising.

Nanosof Health SRL focuses on the development and launch of products for the final consumer, with the nanoSOF component as an active ingredient. NanoSOF ™, a nanomaterial consisting of nanometric charcoal (distributed in concentric layers = nano onion-poly-like solid fullerenes), is obtained from dried olive seeds.

As the process is entirely green, the method does not involve the use of chemical solvents and can be easily applied in large scale production. Nanoxyn Alpha™, the first product already intended for consumption by the final consumer, is an all-natural nutritional supplement that benefits from the catalytic properties and high oxygen content of the nanoSOF ™ component.

NANOXYN ALPHA™ – the best antioxidant supplement on the market!
We can make such a statement based on the following aspects:
• The antioxidant supplement Nanoxyn Alpha ™ contains a natural ingredient that was recently discovered, with a triple action to support the functions of the human body;
• It turned out that an antioxidant diet based on Nanoxyn Alpha™ gives results in the first 30 days;
Nanoxyn Alpha™ is the only antioxidant supplement that releases oxygen directly into the blood;
• A daily intake of natural antioxidant supplement Nanoxyn Alpha™ accelerates the process of cell regeneration;
• The unique ingredient in Nanoxyn Alpha™ is a good adjunct in antioxidant diets, as it increases the effectiveness of other supplements and vitamins administered;
• The antioxidant supplements used in Nanoxyn Alpha™ are high quality natural ingredients, certified by the manufacturer.

BENEFITS of an antioxidant diet based on Nanoxyn Alpha™:
• Activation of cellular metabolism through better oxygenation of the body;

• Supporting the general metabolism by reducing toxins and free radicals;

• Cleansing the digestive system and liver;
• Maintaining a healthy circulatory system, based on better blood circulation;
• Improving and toning the skin, by ensuring better peripheral circulation;
• Maintaining good cholesterol and ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate).

A safe 430 mg tablet of Nanoxyn Alpha™ chas a level of 6000 of the ORAC indicator (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which covers the need for an antioxidant supplement for a whole day of a person .

Nanoxyn Alpha™ contains slow-release tablets for 24 hours, ensuring that the exact amount of antioxidant supplements is gradually released throughout the day without the risk of overdose.


Nanoxyn Alpha™, the best antioxidant supplement on the market, has been obtained by combining known natural antioxidant supplements in powder form: red wine extract, grape seed extract and olive leaf extract. These three antioxidant supplements are used in combination with nanoSOF, as a catalyst and neutralizer of free radicals in the body. The nanoSOF material is dispersed in the natural mixture of antioxidants, having a neutral pH value. The recommended intake of the antioxidant supplement Nanoxyn Alpha™ is one tablet in the morning, taken with a large glass of water. This mode of administration ensures an optimal distribution of antioxidant supplements in body fluids.


• Nanometric charcoal (distributed in concentric layers) (nanoSOF ™) – 60 mcg / tablet The innovative ingredient used in Nanoxyn Alpha ™ is nanoSOF ™, which is produced entirely from dried olive seeds, based on a patented technology. The nanoSOF ™ component has antioxidant properties when dispersed in water or in a mixture of natural antioxidant supplements. Its main property is to act as a large catalyst, having an effect of multiplying and potentiating the action of natural antioxidants derived from fruits, vegetables, vitamins and natural antioxidant supplements.
• Red wine and grape seed extract – 180 mg / tablet (30 mg of red wine extract and 150 mg of grape seed extract) These antioxidant supplements consist of bioactive components called phenols, which include: resveratrol, phenolic acids, anthocyanins and flavonoids. These components have well-known properties for maintaining a healthy immune system and ensuring good blood circulation.
• Olive leaf extract – 250 mg / tablet The bioactive component of olive leaves is oleuropein, with a high antioxidant capacity, which brings substantial health benefits in the sense that it supports the body in the fight against bacteria.


Fullerenes were discovered by chance in 1985, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1986. The name “fullerenes” comes from the well-known architect Buckminster Fuller, who built the famous geodesic dome – the Montreal biosphere. Fullerenes are an allotrope of carbon (a molecule consisting of a single element) with a chemical structure between graphite and diamond. It is a molecule with 60 carbon atoms and a structure similar to a soccer ball (C60). The diameter of a C60 molecule is approx. 0.7 nm (1 nm = 10-6 mm). Surprisingly, there are a number of fullerenes or fragments of fullerenes in nature: in medicinal charcoal, in activated carbon, and in soot produced by the burning of fresh seeds or vegetables. The innovative ingredient in nano polyfullerenes distributed in concentric layers (nanoSOF) is obtained exclusively through the process of processing dried olive kernels, based on a method patented by the manufacturer. It contains: oxygen (83.88%), carbon (13.93%) and nitrogen (1.3%). To use the nanoSOF material in our natural antioxidant supplement, the nanomaterial is ultrasonically treated in ultra-pure water to obtain a nanomaterial that falls within a specific nanometer range. The nanoSOF ™ material has a strongly negatively charged surface, which gives it a sponge-like absorption capacity, which contributes to the absorption of free radicals from the body and also acts as a large catalyst that multiplies the activity of natural antioxidants that come from from fruits, vegetables, vitamins and natural antioxidant supplements.